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Let’s renovate a Gambian school together!
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Feb 2020

What is #education4all anyway?

Let’s do something awesome and repair the classroom roof so that it doesn’t rain on desks.

Mariale is determined to make education more accessible for all. We focus our efforts on Kunkujang Mariama school complex in The Gambia. We wish 2 300 students could access education in decent conditions.

This year we took it upon ourselves to finance the renovation of a primary school’s roof. It’s condition is miserable therefore rain season renders classrooms almost useless. It is also a serious health hazard, and has to be fixed as soon as possible. The #education4all project started as a way to finance this effort.

The cost estimate for a new roof clocked at 35 000 PLN. This includes: new wooden construction, roof cover, waterproofing and more, as well as waste utilisation after the job is done. We need to fund this effort.

Kunkujang Mariama School

Kungujang Mariama hosts 2 300 students. School complex consists of a primary school, a preschool and a middle school. It is the safe haven for many students that is why we want to help improve their komfort.

Missionaries are responsible for keeping the complex functional. One of them is a polish priest called Piotr Wojnarowski. Thanks to him we were able to start our collaboration with local schools and have an open line of communication in the region.


We aim to help in a way that allows the widest reception overall. It is crucial to employ local workforce. Anything we start in the region has to be owned by local population. This way single family’s income can improve.

We are very careful spenders. Wishing for the best results, we decided on not only direct but long-range application as well. Involving Gambians on every step of any project.

Getting real numbers from Africa is a big issue.

Even though many organisations world wide add to the overall statistical picture of Africa, getting these numbers correctly is a huge problem. Merely 19% of African countries even collect any reliable data about literacy in primary schools, the situation is even worse when it comes to middle schools. 

These statistics we present to you probably paint a less severe picture than it really is as for the data collection problem in the region. We put together information that are available on the websites of humanitarian and relief programs and organisations.

Kids with no access to primary school education (%)
The Gambia ( 18% 2018 )18%
Poland ( 2,6% 2017 )3%
World ( 8,19% 2018 )8%
Illiteracy level in population 15+ years old
The Gambia ( 49% 2015 )49%
Poland (0,2% 2015)1%
World (8,19% 2018)14%
Education quality in The Gambia
Primary schools without electricity (64,19% 2017)64%
Middle schools without electricity (49% 2017)49%
Primary schools without a clean water source (29% 2016)29%
Primary schools without a working toilet (13% 2016)13%
Middle schools with an internet connection (8,57% 2016)6%

Photography can bring you closer

Photography is clearly one of the most engaging forms of informing. You can capture a story, a person and of course any emotion. That is why we would like to organise a PhotoTrip and show The Gambia via a camera lens to increase the success of our fund-raising.

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Become our partner and help us to renovate Kunkujang Mariama’s classroom’s roof. Every and any help is precious. You can add to our fund, become our partner, become a partner of the PhotoTrip and many more. We invite You for a conversation, let’s talk :)